Exciting whale watching tours in Australia

Published: 14th July 2011
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The Gold Coast, Australia is one of the best places in the world to view humpback whales in action.

Book yourself on a whale watching tour and you will have one of the most enjoyable and exciting moments of your life.

Not many people get a chance in their lifetime to see the magnificent humpback whales up close.

Whales are considered to be the most magnificent creatures on the planet. if you are getting an opportunity to visit the Gold Coast, Australia, you can definitely be fortunate enough to see whales and enjoy their graceful moments by going on whale watching tours Gold Coast, Australia.

The Australian Continent is one of the best places on the entire Earth to see whales performing in the ocean. Booking yourself on a Whale Watching Tour is the best approach to get up close and personal with these whales. There are many whale watching companies and organizers offering these whale watching tours in different parts of Australia. If you are staying near the coast, it will be easy to find the best whale watching tour companies with the best whale watching prices.

When you go on a whale watching tour, tour organizers will take you where the whales are most likely be. You can see Humpback whales any time of day Ö even from the land. But watching from the safety of a charter boat is recommended. You can get the most amazing and beautiful photos from a boat of whales and this will make your whale watching tour, the most memorable experience of a lifetime.

Whale watching tours in Australia are always in the winter months of the southern hemisphere to coincide with the annual migration. You will need to find an experienced whale watching tours operator who will give you the best guidance and information and by the end you can spot and photograph the best possible action of the humpback whales.

The oceans around Australia contain a lot of different species of whales and this is one of the best things about whale watching tours in Australia. Humpback whales are one of the most commonly spotted whales but you may also see dolphins, minke whales, orcas or pilot whales. Itís unfortunate that the numbers of humpback whales were diminishing, but now you will be happy to know that their numbers are growing each year.

There are many places offering whale watching tours and cruises along the Australian coast; and if you are not in the mood to hit the water in search of these giant whales of the ocean, you can also watch the water from vantage points along the coast.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Australia now and get the best opportunity to have an amazing whale watching tour & holiday in Australia.

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